Our FEED1 Stars

The FEED1 study would not be so successful without each and every site staff member that has been involved. We are truely thankful for everyones dedication, support and hard work since the study began in 2019. 

We believe it is so important for everyone to be recognised so we would love to showcase the photos that have been shared with us by sites. 

Please continue to share these with us and send them in via email. 

See the photos below that were shared with us by Liverpool Womens Hospital, Chelsea and Westminister Hospital, Watford General Hospital, Nottingham QMC&City Hospital, and Lister Hospital all wearing their FEED1 stickers. We have also included photos of some of our competition winners with their FEED1 certificates and photos sent to us from events during the year (e.g. National Doctors Day, World Prematurity Day). 

Competition collage 1
Competition collage 2
Competition Collage webpage (1)
Webpage pictures
Webpage pictures (1)